Disaster Relief Fund
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Aftermath Relief Mission

Aftermath Relief was created by Roger W. Decker II, Arthur Williams IV and Keenan Williams while working with Aftermath Contractors, LLC. After being involved in many disasters and storms, we see the slow help of the government to those less served. The owner was specifically recognized in Texas for his efforts in bringing in tractor trailers with relief supplies to Rockport, Texas and Holiday Beach, Texas in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.

Our mission is to help with the rebuilding of homes, rebuilding of animal shelters and bringing in needed supplies to the underserved communities and any affected after a major disaster. We have semi-trucks, equipment and the ability to be on the ground within hours of a disaster. We felt this was an asset and wanted to bring with us the help for people to return to pre-storm living.

With a unique perspective from rebuilding in the aftermath of a major disaster, we actively bring communities together. Teaming up with local contractors, churches and distribution sites for the after “Blue Tarping”, we aim to rebuild and do more than just bring in clothing and essential items. We have seen first hand the need to get back to sustainable living, witnessing it taking months and even years. We want veterans and the underserved with no insurance to be a priority and if we can come together and help them, we can make this happen!

Keenan Williams has been a public advocate and activist who has written books and served his community for many years. He has given back to the community mindset; his hard work ethic and dedication to his community is invaluable. Keenan, Arthur and Roger have been childhood friends from Texas and when they all saw the need, they jumped on the opportunity for people to help people. Arthur and Roger have been in Lake Charles since Hurricane Laura and Delta. While they’re witnessing homes sit for too many months with no help… and simply blue tarps, it made them realize there is a better way and whatever your beliefs may be, we believe that “people helping people” is better than any other way!

We are a professional member of the APA and can also bring other needed consumer advocates to help guide and give free advice to those in need.